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MPAevery.pro is the jumping-off point and subscription management system for the MPApro, RightPro and EveryPro services. You can connect through to the services and tell us your areas of interest so we know what to contact you about.

EveryPro is the free directory and listings aggregator for expert witnesses, lawyers and clinicians. EveryPro is where professionals and organisations involved in expert witness, mental health, education, general health, social care and legal activities can have a free public directory listing and communicate with other professionals, referrers, potential clients and interested parties.

RightPro is an affiliated network of professionals and organisations that provides multi-disciplinary clinical, educational, employment and legal services relating to Equality Act, Mental Capacity Act and mental functioning issues, as well as general services for furthering well-being and supporting engagement in education and employment. Also free to be part of.

McKeown Professional Associates (MPA) provides psychology services to individuals and organisations across the South East and beyond from their base in Brighton. We operate the MPA Online Community for anyone involved or interested in our work.

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